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Fees and Conditions

Fees from September 2023

Non early years funded children:

8.00am until 6.00pm

Full week                                            £1338.75 per month or £ 315.00 per week 

4 full days a week                               £1071.00 per month or £  252.00 per week

3 full days a week                               £ 803.25 per month or £  189.00 per week

2 full days a week                               £ 535.50 per month or £  126.00 per week

1 full day a week                                 £ 267.75 per month or £    63.00 per week


8.30am until 3.30pm, subject to availability

Full week                                            £ 1211.25 per month or £ 285.00 per week

4 days a week                                    £ 969.00 per month or  £  228.00per week

3 days a week                                    £ 726.75 per month or  £  171.00 per week

2 days a week                                    £ 484.50 per month or  £  114.00 per week

1 day a week                                      £ 242.25 per month or  £  57.00 per week

8.00am until 1.30pm, subject to availability

5 mornings a week                             £ 786.25 per month or £ 185.00 per week

4 mornings a week                             £ 629.00 per month or £ 148.00 per week

3 mornings a week                             £ 471.75 per month or £ 111.00 per week

2 mornings a week                             £ 314.50 per month or £   74.00 per week 

1 morning a week                               £ 157.25 per month or £   37.00 per week


1.30pm until 6.00pm, subject to availability

5 afternoons a week                           £ 701.25 per month or £ 165.00 per week

4 afternoons a week                           £ 561.00 per month or £ 132.00 per week

3 afternoons a week                           £ 420.75 per month or £   99.00 per week

2 afternoons a week                           £ 280.50 per month or £   66.00 per week

1 afternoon a week                             £ 140.25 per month or £   33.00 per week


(The above monthly fees have been based on 51 weeks per annum as there is no charge for the one week closure in December)


Two Years Old Funding for Working Parents 15 hours


Please click the below link to apply for 2 years old funding. If your child is eligible for 2 years old funding, take a screenshot of valid 2 years old funding code and email to


When to apply

You can apply from when your child is:

  • 1 year and 36 weeks for 15 hours free childcare


Where can I get 2 Years old funding code for working parents?


Parents will need to look on, you will find the criteria on this website and you can apply for this scheme via the above website.

Two Year Old Funding and Early Years Funding

Some children are eligible to receive two year old funding for 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year or a stretched offering of 11 hours per week for 51 weeks of the year. If you follow the link below and apply you will find out whether or not you child is eligible. 



All children are entitled to Early Years Funding from Croydon Council from the term after their 3rd birthday. 


A child turns 3 between January and March entitled to funding from April.

A child turns 3 between April and August entitled to funding from September.

A child turns 3 between September and December entitled to funding from January.


The government will fund up to 15 hours a week, for 38 weeks of the year free nursery education which is paid directly to the nursery. Your child has to attend on three separate days a week in order to claim the full 15 hours.


In order for the nursery to claim this funding you will need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate and complete a declaration stating where you are claiming the free entitlement.


Your child may attend for just their 15 hours a week free early years funding only if you wish. At Little Learners we offer funded only sessions stretched across 51 weeks of the year either attending 2 part time sessions or 1 full day per week subject to availability. We do not offer sessions term time only.


Two Year Old and Early Years funded children whom attend all year (funding amount already deducted):

These fees are based on the current level of early years funding and should the government withdraw the level of funding that we receive – we withhold the right to adjust fees accordingly. Please note that children accessing funded sessions only have different session times to allocate the correct proportion of funding per session. 


8.00am until 6.00pm

Full week                                            £ 1044.25 per month or  £ 245.75 per week

4 full days a week                               £ 776.50   per month or  £ 182.75 per week

3 full days a week                               £ 508.75   per month or  £ 119.75 per week

2 full days a week                               £ 241.00   per month or  £   56.75 per week

1 full day a week                                 No fees payable


8.00am until 1.30pm

5 mornings a week                             £ 491.75 per month or £ 115.75 per week 

4 mornings a week                             £ 334.50 per month or £   78.75 per week 

3 mornings a week                             £ 177.25 per month or £   41.75 per week

2 mornings a week                             No fees payable 

1 morning a week                               No fees payable 


1.30pm until 6.00pm   

5 afternoons a week                           £ 406.75 per month or £   95.75 per week 

4 afternoons a week                           £ 266.50 per month or £   62.75 per week 

3 afternoons a week                           £ 126.25 per month or £   29.75 per week 

2 afternoons a week                           No fees payable

1 afternoon a week                             No fees payable


30 hours funding for 3 and 4 year olds

The government is offering working parents of 3 and 4 year olds 30 hours free nursery education. Parents need to apply for the funding online at HMRC/Childcare choices. If your application is successful then you will be given a reference number which needs to be given to the nursery.

In order to receive the funding the code needs to be given to nursery the term before funding begins and will be subject to eligibility checking via Croydon Early Years. 


September to December – code needs to be given to the nursery by the middle of August

January to March – code needs to be given to the nursery by the middle of November

April to July – code needs to be given to the nursery by the middle of March


If you are entitled to 30 hours funding and have provided a valid reference number we are prepared to accept the hours in the following ways:


3 days attendance all year around (you will receive 22 hours free and pay for 8 hours of our daily rate, not our hourly rate. You will be required to pay £8.50 per day for 2 days towards meals. So at our current daily rate including meals would be £67.25 per week. 




Attend all year around Monday to Friday 1.30pm until 6pm. You would be required to pay £25.00 per week towards meals and £9 for the additional 30 minutes of care bringing your total to £34.


30 Hours Funding 

Where can I get 30 Hours code?

For 30 hours funding, you will need to apply and obtain a code from the GOV website, I have provided a link below and if you scroll down you will see an apply now option. Once you have your code, please email this to our funding team via  with the 30 hours code form for verification.


Please find the 30 hours code form from the below link

30 hours code form


30 Hours Code Submission Deadline

If your child is eligible for 30 hours code from term beginning September 2024, You will need to send us completed 30 Hours code form by 1st July 2024 to begin 30 hours from 2nd September 2024. Please find the link in our website for 30 hours code form. Any code dated after 31st August 2024 will be able to claim 30 hours from Spring term only (from January 2025 – start date to be confirmed yet)


You will receive an acceptance letter regarding the 30 hours which will give the fees, once we have received and verified your code nearer the term beginning.


Fees including 30 hours - Option 1

Full week                                      £ 821.25 per month or £ 193.25 per week 

4 full days a week                         £ 553.50 per month or £ 130.25 per week

3 full days a week                         £ 285.75 per month or £   67.25 per week 


Fees including 30 hours - Option 2 

5 afternoons a week                      £  144.50 per month or £  34.00 per week


Any extra sessions that you wish to add on top of these sessions will be charged at our normal rates.

Should you wish to book your 30 hours please let us know as soon as possible as spaces are limited. 

At present we are only able to offer the two options as above.


Other Sessions Available

2.5 hour block session
Our 2.5 hour block is available for £25.00 but it can only be used between the following times: 7.30am until 10.00am, 8.00am until 10.30am, 10.30am until 1.00pm, 1.00pm until 3.30pm, 3.30pm until 6.00pm, 4.00pm until 6.30pm (subject to availability).

Hourly rate
You can book sessions at your convenience at an hourly rate of £15.00 (subject to availability).

Early drop off and late collection sessions
Early sessions between 7.30am and 8.00am are charged at £4.50 per session.
Late sessions between  6.00pm and 6.30pm are charged at £4.50 per session.

Early and late sessions must be booked at least a day in advance. Once booked you cannot change them.

Fees are payable weekly or monthly IN ADVANCE. Fees must be received in our account before the Monday for weekly payments and be received in our account by the 1st of each month for monthly payments. Failure to do so will result in a £20 late payment charge and £10 invoice administration charge (which are not negotiable), along with a daily late payment fee. We reserve the right to terminate spaces for non payment of fees as per our Fee and Payment Policy.

We do not accept cheques. 

In July there is an annual fee review of fees and you will be notified of any changes, which will take effect from the beginning of September. If you fail to amend your standing order or bank transfer payments to the correct amount then you will automatically be issued with an invoice, which will incur a £10 administration fee plus a £20 late payment fee, this will continue for subsequent payments each time until you have amended your payment to the correct amount.


Childcare Vouchers

We accept payment of childcare vouchers from many providers, please refer the the chart below for further details and account numbers for payment. 

Click here to download Childcare Vouchers chart 

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Fees and Conditions


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