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Purley is located in Beaumont Primary School House, it has been totally refurbished to a very high standard. The Nursery opened in 2012. The Nursery is in a very convenient location just of Brighton Road and near Reedham Train Station. This setting cares for nursery aged 2 – 5 years. The nursery has a wide range of resources at and well designed garden with trim trail, planting areas and large climbing section. At the child’s level, this allows the child to easily select the items/toys they wish to use.

The nursery can gain access to the garden directly from their room so we can operate a free flow system . This allows the nursery the freedom to go in or outdoors.

Self Care

Throughout the nursery, each child has their own flannel with which they learn about hygiene and the care of self. Working closely with parents/carers we can assist and give advice about potty/toilet training.

The Menu

The children who attend our nursery enjoy culinary experiences that reflect those of a multi-cultural society. The menus are planned to encourage good eating habits and an awareness of where food comes from. We have a four week rotating menu which offers a wide range of food from various cultures i.e. chicken curry, chow mien, lasagne, fish and boiled rice etc. We supply afternoon tea which consists of sandwiches, croissants, cheese on toast etc. We also provide healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day. We can accommodate children with dietary requirements e.g. vegetarians, dairy intolerance.


We have a very large selection of outdoor toys suitable for all ages which consists of slides, bikes, trikes, push alongs, bats, balls, skittles, hoops, stilts etc.We have a large playframe, a trim trail, story area, sensory garden as well as sand and water play available.We operate a free flow system so children have regular access to the garden throughout the day. We use the garden all year around in all weathers, we provide the children with rain suits and winter and summer hats.

Key Person

We operate a key person system in the nursery. Your child will be allocated a member of staff who will be responsible for them on a daily basis, this will involve carrying out activities with them, making observations on your child and generally looking after your child's well being. Key persons will be reviewed on a regular basis and changed if necessary.

Working with Parents/Carers

We work as closely as possible with parents/carers to make sure that we achieve the best possible care and education for your child. We use an online observation and development tracking systems which parents can access and make comments whenever they wish. We also run several activities a year which include sports day, parents/carers fun evenings and a nursery barbecue etc. We regularly review our practice and send out questionnaires quarterly to ensure that we are providing a good service. We welcome parents comments all year round about the service we provide and will look carefully at any suggestions on how we can improve our service. We have a comments and suggestions box in the entrance hall where parents are free to post comments and suggestions.





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