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Early Years Funding 01

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework for all the children which meets the individual needs of all the children in our care. The framework is grouped into four themes:

If you would like any further information on the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, you can order the publication from:

DFES Publications
PO Box 5050
Sherwood Park
NG15 0DJ

Telephone: 0845 6022260

Website: www.everychildmatters.gov.uk


Knowledge and Understanding of the World
We aim to:

  • Introduce and extend the children's knowledge and understanding of Science and the world around them.

  • Explore and enjoy natural materials and their qualities e.g. sand, water and clay.
  • Encourage outdoor pursuits through visits to the library and local shops.
  • Invite members from the local community like a fireman, a policeman and a dentist for talks and presentations to encourage personal and social awareness.
  • Introduce computer technology, which opens up various avenues of learning.  

Daniel practicing using a mouse

Growing seeds to learn about plants

A fire engine visits the nursery

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Communication, Language and Literacy
We provide activities related to language acquisition through:

  • The book corner where children develop an interest for print and pictures.

  • Story telling and role-play which includes dressing up or experiencing the home corner which takes many forms, e.g. a bookshop, a hairdressing salon or a surgery.
  • Circle time where children learn to listen and discuss various topics of interest e.g. the weather, the days of the week and their own personal experiences.
  • Songs and rhymes where children acquire vocabulary and rhythm through familiar and new nursery songs and rhymes.

Bobby and Isla in the writing area


Writing letters in shaving foam to practice letter formation


Aisling enjoying a book from the reading corner

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Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
We ensure learning mathematical concepts by providing the following:

  • Materials for sorting, matching and measuring e.g. puzzles and coloured cubes.

  • Activities where children explore shape, size, weight and length e.g. cooking.
  • Interactive computer software, which are set up in the computer area.

Enjoying completing a puzzle

Olivia understanding the concept of a number

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Creative development
We encourage creative development through story-telling, drama, role play, music and movement, drawing and painting with various medium, design and technology where children learn to use various tools like the scissors, glue spreaders and cello tape to create two- and three-dimensional models. Clay is also used to help children learn how to sculpt and develop a sensorial approach to learning.


Aidan enjoys role play

Olivia likes playing with the Corn flour

Alice having fun with paint

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Physical Development
We have a garden where slides, a climbing frame and a balancing platform are permanently out where our children can exercise their large motor skills like climbing, running, and balancing. There are also tricycles where they develop co-ordination and spatial awareness.

Rebecca likes playing with the playmobile

Daniel Loves playing with the Hoops in our Garden.


Alice enjoys jumping on our large trampoline.

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Personal, Social and Emotional Development
One of the main aims of being in a nursery is the opportunity for all young ones to experience life outside the confines of their homes. It is at the nursery that children learn there are others like them with the same personal and emotional needs. Turn taking and sharing are perhaps the first experiences which most young children encounter. They also form the basis of relationships with other adults and children who may come from different backgrounds and cultures.

Various topics based on the young children's experiences are often explored and presented. Multi-cultural celebrations and customs are introduced in the hope that children will grow to understand and respect people from different lands and diverse needs. We celebrate all major festivals of different faiths during the year with stories, art and craft activities, cooking, decorations and occasionally outings.

We also celebrate the children's birthdays with games and singing. Little Learners will provide a birthday cake.

More importantly, we aim to help the child learn how to be independent and exercise the confidence needed in later life.

Lauren has had her face painted.

The children celebrate a birthday

Anthony shares his culture by wearing a traditional costume.

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